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Active Projects

Harbor River Waterline Replacement

The South Carolina Department of Transportation intends to replace the swing bridge spanning the Harbor River along U.S. Highway 21 in Beaufort County. The Fripp Island Public Service District's 10" water main, which provides potable water service to Harbor, Hunting and Fripp Islands, is located within SC DOT's right-of-way and buried in the causeway approaches on both sides of the bridge. It is suspended from the bridge except at the mobile swing-span, where it drops down and is buried in the bottom of the river. The SC DOT's preferred construction alignment will interfere with the District's waterline for nearly the entire length of the construction. SC DOT policy requires utilities whose lines are located within DOT rights-of-way to relocate their lines at the utility's expense. The District has obtained engineering estimates of up to $3,200,000 for relocation of the line.

Fripp Inlet Revetment Repairs

In October 2016, Hurricane Matthew hit the barrier islands of South Carolina and the Lowcountry. The Fripp Island Public Service District's revetment along Porpoise Drive, which protects the road and water and sewer lines under the road from erosion along the Fripp Inlet, was badly damaged due to storm surge and wave action. Notwithstanding the damage, the revetment accomplished its intended purpose, with no loss of water or sewer lines and minimal damage to the road.

General Obligation Bond Issue Referendum

In order to fund the two projects described above, the Fripp Island Public Service District will hold a referendum on a General Obligation Bond Issue on August 15, 2017. Below is a link to some questions and answers about the bond issue. Additional information may be obtained from the minutes of recent Commission meetings on the Minutes page of this website or by calling the PSD office during our regular business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The PSD office telephone number is (843) 838-2400.

GO Bond Q&A

Town Hall Meeting Presentation

Because the general obligation bond issue will affect property owner tax bills, we're sure you would like to know how much your tax bill will go up. Below is a simple calculator you can use to help you determine the approximate impact of the additional tax millage.

Disclaimer: This calculator is designed to give the taxpayer an estimate of additional taxes they will pay for the proposed general obligation bond issue. The results are based on a few parameters entered by the user. This is only a tool and the calculations are estimates only. This estimator does not represent any fees or actual liability.

Fripp Inlet Revetment Repairs

December 16, 2016 Update

January 18, 2017 Update

February 13, 2017 Update

For the newest information, please see the Commission meeting minutes posted on our Meetings page.

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